One year after the event of a fire, the groundbreaking ceremony took place for the new building in the industrial area of Neunheim – with a size of 2,000 square meters floor space.

Spatenstich VRI

They grasped at the spade for the new production and warehouse hall of Fima VRI in the industrial area Neunheim (on the picture from left: tax consultant Jochen Bergmann, Insurance agents Wolfgang Streeb, Hans -­‐Peter Krämer and John Veit Hans Fuchs, Hannelore, Gün (Photo: Peter Schlipf )

A year ago a fire destroyed the production facility and storage hall of the company. Now after a year, it is re-­built almost being twice as large as before. Out of 2,000 square meters, a production hall on the ground floor, a research department in the first floor and a high­‐bay warehouse are built.

The fire was a dramatic experience for the company, Volker Isermeyer said at the groundbreaking ceremony. Yet, it was clear from the beginning onwards that: “we will carry on and go at it fullsteam ahead.” Only one week after the tragic fire VRI has continued to work in temporary premises thanks to the generous business partners who provided VRI with machines and materials.

The temporary restoration, which is the former premises of Imtech, is bursting at the seams being way too narrow for the now 35 employees. Above all, VRI plans to expand planning to hire twelve new employees over the next year. Thus, the new building is necessary. Fortunately, VRI receives funding by the European Regional Development Fund rewarding its innovative culture.

The Mayor Karl Hilsenbek thanked VRI for its commitment to Ellwangen. "We want to further accompany you," he said. The city has supported VRI when it came to the funding for the new building.

The company was founded in 1992 by the parents of the Managing Director, Günter and Hannelore Isermeyer. The company, which is based in Ellwangen, is one of the leading manufacturers and system suppliers for battery and battery systems in Europe. These batteries are used in medical, e­‐bikes and measuring instruments as well as in the Airbus A380.


Quelle: http://www.schwaebische.de